What does Industry 4.0 mean for sustainable development?

Sustainable development is an integral part of economic development in all countries, even when attention is driven away from it. The balance between the need of humanity to produce and the desire to not destroy the planet in the process is constantly questioned and shaken. With the disruptive new models that Industry 4.0 has shown to the world, and with the constantly expanding opportunities for technologies, production, and improvement of the way businesses function, the question of sustainability stands. How will the new business models affect sustainable development, and will they manage to put humanity’s future in the spotlight? This paper explores the opportunities to sustainable development, introduced by Industry 4.0.

Artec 3D launches Studio 13 software with new X-Ray mode for raw 3D data

Artec 3D, a Luxembourg-based manufacturer of 3D scanners, has released Artec Studio 13 its latest software for producing, editing and processing 3D data at higher speeds and resolution. This updated software now features an X-Ray Mode which is capable of examining raw scan data for potential problem areas before it enters the processing stage.

How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing The Concept Of Food

Waffles baked up in perfect geometric configurations, as intricate and unique as snowflakes. Smoothies created with perfectly portioned nutritional ratios. Sustainable ingredients like algae and duckweed harnessed for consumption to make your favorite dishes better for the environment. This isn’t the future of food, it’s the here and now — brought to you by the power of 3-D printing.